Charity football game 10 September 2016

Published: Tuesday, 16 August 2016

(extract from Swindon Advertiser)

FRIENDS of popular accountant Josh Jones whose gambling debt got so out of control he committed suicide will not let his death be in vain.

Instead they want the 23-year-old’s vibrant personality to live on by helping others battling the same addiction.

Childhood pals Zach Ockwell, 23, and Jamie Canavan, 24, will next month gather two teams to lock horns on the football pitch in tribute to their much-loved and sorely missed friend, who leapt to his death from a ninth-floor London office balcony last July.

Together his former schoolmates are hoping to raise £250 so the Gordon Moody Association, which provides help for problem gamblers, and CALM, the campaign against living miserably, a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide, can continue providing their much-needed support.

 “We are doing this because we really feel that male suicide is still such a taboo subject, despite it being the number one killer of young men in this country.

 “Josh's death was caused by a long battle with gambling addiction, another overlooked problem, so we feel that doing anything to help raise awareness of these problems in Josh's name helps his death not be in vain and if it can help one person then it is well worth it.”

The match will take place from 2pm on Saturday, September 10 at Sutton Park, Blunsdon.

To donate towards the fundraiser go to:

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Supporting you

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