Our staff

We have very experienced and knowledgeable  staff working across our Residential programmes, Outreach services, Gambling Therapy Service and central support services. Our Programme Managers and front-line staff come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, including Psychology, Counselling, addictions, housing, welfare, social work, health, the gambling industry, and lived experience. 

Our  small Senior Management Team ensures that the service is delivered professionally, effectively and efficiently, overseen by a Board of Trustees. The team brings an extensive range of experience spanning Finance, HR, gambling, housing, prisons, residential care, substance misuse, business development, change management, organisational and workforce development, corporate and clinical governance. 

All at GMA seek to raise awareness and build networks to improve the support available for problem gamblers and their families and significant others.

Adele Duncan

Matthew Hickey 

Interim Chief Executive 

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Kelly King


Director of Operations 




Head of Finance and IT



Head of HR and Premises




Supporting you

Supporting you

"I'm very lucky to be here with so many other addicts who are positive and want to change and achieve recovery" Learn about our programme