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 Service For Women Problem Gamblers 


Gordon Moody Association announces an intensive treatment programme to meet the needs of women who are struggling to overcome their problem gambling. This new service combines two short term residential retreats with 12 weekly therapy sessions delivered either online, on the telephone or face to face. 

The first 3 night residential will include a series of therapeutic group workshops in a retreat style setting. During this time you will be able to disengage from your day to day life and focus on your own needs and issues. You will be supported to develop an understanding of why your gambling has become so problematic in a positive and supportive network with other women who are struggling with similar problems. 

This will be followed by weekly one-to-one therapy sessions face to face, on the telephone or online for a period of roughly eight weeks. For an hour a week you will get support with day to day problems and engage in further pieces of work that will help you to overcome your problem gambling. 

After eight weeks, attendees will engage in another residential stay for a further two nights.  During this time, you will be able to look at what you have learned, discuss any problems you have experienced during treatment and create a personal plan that will enable you to lead a gambling free future. 

The programme will conclude following an additional four, one to one weekly sessions.

There is currently no cost for this treatment to you, other than your travel to and from the venue. Should you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to talk to you.

Please note that this programme may be subject to change, at short notice, due to the Covid crisis.  

 How to apply

Before making an application, please read the following statements


All application forms are retrieved Monday to Friday between 09:00 & 16:00. We try in all cases to contact you within 48 hrs of your application being received. However, any applications received during the weekend will not be retrieved until Monday 9am and as such may be longer.  Should you need urgent help please contact Gambling Therapyor GamCare

Apply for a Place


Alternatively you can download it using this link and return it via post or a scanned pdf to [email protected] . Any information you provide will be treated confidentially. On receipt of your application you will then be contacted and a telephone interview will be arranged at a time to suit you.

Please ensure that you provide an address and/or contact number so we can communicate with you further, if you have no address or phone number where you can be reached please contact us by telephone on 01384 241292 to discuss how we can proceed with your application.

Supporting you

Supporting you

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