What we do

"I'm starting to understand what gambling gave me and how to deal with the core issue. I'm not a failure; just someone who didn't know what was wrong with my life and therefore couldn't stop gambling"

We provide 5 treatment options:

  1. Residential Treatment Centres – two unique specialist centres, providing an intensive residential treatment programme for people with a gambling addiction
  2. Relapse Prevention Housing – specialist housing for those who have completed our treatment programmes requiring additional ‘halfway’ support
  3. Retreat & Counselling Programme – offering both female and male specific separate retreat programmes which combine a short-stay residential with at-home counselling support
  4. Outreach Support – providing additional support to those that need it, post treatment so that they can maintain their recovery
  5. Gambling Therapy – international brief intervention on-line support, advice and signposting, through 121 and group sessions, and a unique Gambling Therapy (GT) support App provided in a range of languages

Our Residential and Female Retreat & Counselling treatment programmes above run for approximately 3 months. The next male Retreat & Counselling Programme will run approximately October 2020

For further details about the above treatment options, click the options on the left.  

How to access help: 

For on-line Gambling Therapy support, access the website or App 

For the other Programmes, we accept referrals from individuals themselves, or who are referred by their friends, family, other treatment services, probation, social or health workers - in fact by anyone as long as the person being referred agrees.

Contact our assessment and referrals team on: 01384 241292 or complete an application form online  
Once this has been completed, if suitable, we will arrange a telephone interview with you to discuss wider needs and suitability, and consider the most appropriate treatment option for you. If your application is successful, we can then discuss the details of the programme and timescales.

Support for Friends and Family

We encourage friends and family to utilise a dedicated friends and family online group on our Gambling Therapy website. By doing this they can get support and help for themselves by talking to other people who are in similar positions, and also learn how best to support their loved ones either before, during or after attending our Programmes,. If attending one of our main Residential programmes, families are also encouraged to establish contact with the therapy staff. Support for families can also be sought via GamCare and Gam-Anon 

Supporting you

Supporting you

"I'm very lucky to be here with so many other addicts who are positive and want to change and achieve recovery" Learn about our programme